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We take your privacy very seriously.

e-Mail Address

When you subscribe, your e-mail address is placed in a database and used to send your issues and occasional advertisements or special notices from the service or publication you subscribed to. We will not sell, rent, or otherwise share your e-mail address with anyone.

You can remove your address from our e-mailing list by following the instructions at the end of every e-mail we send.

Any e-mail you send to us is considered confidential unless you tell us otherwise. We will not add your name to our e-mail list without your permission. If your inquiry is about an order or subscription, our customer service staff will ask you to verify your identity by confirming information already in your record.

Personal Information

Total.Yoga.Practice will never ask you for personal information--your credit card details, for example, except when you place an order. Total.Yoga.Practice does not store your credit card details (which are managed through secure (SSL encrypted) connections by Paypal. We only store your mailing and member details - only our authorized employees have access to this information. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone, nor share it in any other way, unless required to by a law enforcement agency that takes the proper steps to acquire it.


Cookies are files placed on your computer by websites when you visit them that is used to control website behaviour as well as some personalisation details - to make your next visit easier and more convenient.

The Total.Yoga.Practice website only uses cookies to allow authentication for access to the Subscriber Only areas of our sites and to customise your look and feel.

We do not use cookies to track your browsing habits or collect any information about you.


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