About Total.Yoga.Practice's online yoga classes

Our mission

Based out of Hong Kong, Total.Yoga.Practice was formed in 2006 by a group of avid yoga practitioners to help you access high quality yoga instruction that may not be available to you, depending upon where you live and the teachers available in your area.

In particular our desire was to share the teaching of one of Hong Kong's most popular yoga teachers, Varun Veer. Varun epitomises yoga in every move, gesture and word he says - a dedication to his practice that is transferred through his classes and the video instruction he made for us.

Our online yoga video instruction

In keeping with our objective to provide the best possible yoga instruction, we've spared no expense on the video production, employing Ocean Vista films, a professional production company to record our online yoga classes using the latest high definition (HD) digital technology - the end result is as good as any commercial yoga dvds available.

We're providing our yoga instruction videos as a membership to our online video archive so you can get more yoga routines, giving more different poses and their unique benefits. We release 2 new videos each month so you continue to get more variety, variation and health benefits.

My yoga journey so far

I want to share my story with you so you can understand why Total.Yoga.Practice came about. Hi, I'm Jez Heath, one of the founders of Total.Yoga.Practice. I started practicing yoga back in April 2002 after a recommendation from my physio that it would help to improve my posture and relieve back and leg aches.

When I first started I was by far the least flexible person in the class, my wife could barely hide her amusement at my ungainly attempts at practice. Regardless, Even after my first couple of sessions I was more relaxed and sleeping better at night, consequently I had much more energy, enthusiasm and motivation for work. My improved performance didn't go unnoticed by my boss.

Several years later and the benefits are evident. My posture is much improved, I'm fitter, more flexible and find it easier to relax. There's no doubt that Varun's dedication to yoga, and his teaching style is responsible for my own enthusiasm and commitment to yoga.

I certainly hope you can get the same benefits from our online yoga classes that I got from yoga.

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Contact me at jez@totalyogapractice.com