Total.Yoga.Practice - Frequently asked questions

How frequently and when are Total.Hatha videos released?

We release a new Total.Hatha yoga instruction video twice every month on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. For December 2006 the 1st Monday is December 4th and the 3rd Monday is December 18th

Why am I asked to accept the certified player?

So that you can be sure you are using our video player and that you're viewing our videos, you will be asked if you want to run or accept trusted software named JVM3A8.tmp published by Vividas Europe Limited. Please accept this player component, you will not be able to play our videos without it.

Why does the quality of the video change?

Our player automatically detects your connection speed on startup. Using that information it will play the highest possible quality video for your connection speed. Connection speeds vary throughout the day, and you are likely to experience lowest bandwidths, and slowest connection speeds at the peak internet usage times of day - between 6pm and 8pm. It is possible that you may experience occasional playback disruptions during these peak hours.

How can I start/stop and control the player?

The space-bar can be used to stop and resume video playback. Esc exits the player.