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Our yoga instructors are professionally trained and qualified, and are dedicated to practicing and sharing their yoga. Their experience means they provide the highest quality instruction, so you get the most from your practice.
Varun Veer

Varun started his practice while still a child and has more than 30 years of experience, including a yoga degree from Delhi University.

Such dedication to his practice has enabled Varun to develop a deep understand of the human anatomy, and the physical and mental health benefits of yoga enabling to understand how they combine to provide maximum benefits to those that follow his practice. Renowned in his native India, Varun previously provided daily televised yoga instruction to the nation that gave the world yoga.

Varun instructs his deep stretching Hatha yoga practice with a calming compassion that embodies the true spirit of yoga while providing a practice that will leave your body thoroughly open, relaxed and energised.

Tanu Singh

Tanu has been practicing yoga since she was 9 years old. A former athlete, she used her yoga as a complement to and a recovery from her athletic training. Tanu has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years and has studied yoga at the University of Delhi - her experience gives her an intimate knowledge of yoga and its effects on the body.

Tanu's yoga teaching style is to focus on increasing strength and flexibility though deep stretches held for longer. Her classes are challenging and beneficial to yoga practitioners of all abilities.

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